The Ukrainian American Archives and Museum in conjunction with Ridna Shkola are organizing a one-day bus trip to Toronto, Canada to view

Mysteries of Ancient Ukraine

the fabulous exhibit of the Trypillian Civilization at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Main details

Saturday, March 14, 2009
returning the same day.

The cost is $65.00.

The exhibit

During the great age of archaeological discoveries-late 19th and early 20th centuries that unearthed Troy, Mycenae, Knossos and many civilizations of Mesopotamia, in 1896 an unexpected discovery was made in Ukraine in the village of Trypillia. It was the Trypillian culture that emerged in the Neolithic Age around 5400 BC and continued for nearly 3000 years on the territory of Ukraine.

Vikenty Khvoika was the curator, archaeologist who from 1893 to 1903 excavated many sites in Kyiv and its vicinity uncovering settlements attributed today to the Bronze and Iron Ages. In 1896 Khvioka discovered traces of burned houses and previously unknown pottery types and clay figurines of a prehistoric culture that he named Trypillia.

(Information courtesy of Royal Ontario Museum and an article by Oksana Zakydalsky from "Homin Ukrainy.")

The exhibit titled "Ancient Ukraine: Mysteries of the Trypillian Culture" is divided into six sections:

  • Discovery: includes original documents and drawings by Vikenty Khvioka
  • A People of the Copper Age with extraordinary giant settlements
  • Economy: farming, hunting and gathering
  • Settlements: 3-D model of a house and information on quasi-cities of 15,000 people
  • Ceramics, pottery, objects and anthropomorphic figurines of the Great Mother Goddess
  • The Mysteries: what happened to them?

If you are interested in the field trip, please call the Museum at 313-366-9764 ASAP so that we can have a head count for the buses.

Please be aware that for U.S .Customs, you will need:

  • an American passport, a green card, or a birth certificate
  • and a photo ID.

For further government foreign travel information, visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website or call 877-227-5511.

Please join us for a day of fun, travel and camaraderie.


Svitlana Leheta

Chrystyna Nykorak
Executive Director